Synthetic Grass Store


Landscape Contractors

Partnering with the Synthetic Grass Store helps your landscape company stay competitive and successful in this growing industry. We value our landscaping partners and their success. Our experience has helped several landscaping companies grow and offer new products and services to their customers. When our partners send their clients to our showrooms, they can be confident that our knowledgeable staff will provide outstanding service leaving their customer ready to move forward with the artificial grass installation.

Landscape Grass Commercial

We partner with Landscape Architects, General Contractors, Real Estate Developers and Homeowner Associations to help them provide a low maintenance, water free landscape solution for their clients. We understand your needs and the importance of satisfying your clients and will work with you as a partner to ensure all parties are satisfied. You are important to us and our experience demonstrates it. Many businesses including Automotive Dealers, Churches, Cemeteries, Animal Shelters and Schools have benefited from our large inventory and volume discounts. Whether you are looking to purchase material or a professional installation, let The Synthetic Grass Store find the right landscape solution for your commercial needs.